Michelle Obama's Brother Pens New Book

In the age of books, where publishers fully own archaic business models, hot properties still motivate them to enter the 21st century.  Anything Obama is a big seller.  Look at the shelf of books devoted to Michelle Obama with her presidential husband making a best seller of anything with his name on it.  Now her Princeton alumn brother, former investment banker and Oregon State University head basketball coach, Craig Robinson has inked a deal to author a book way early in an Obama presidency, A Game of Character.  Is he going to get to do sequels too as long as the O brand remains durable?
"I've been privileged to know some extraordinary people in my life," Craig Robinson, whose "A Game of Character" will be published next year, said in a statement issued Thursday. "I've watched as my sister Michelle, a rock of a mother, became a leader in her own right. My brother-in law, President Barack Obama, who I knew from the first time I met him had something special, continues to inspire all of us."
Well, we alesady know the off cited story about Michelle insisting Barack play basketball with her brother because he would not be able to hide his true character from a top Ivy league player.  Its sort of a a combo Luke Skywalker meets Clark Kent mid-dunk with Michelle awaiting the ref's whistle to go ahead.  It worked out, but that's only worth a chapter, at its boring best.  What else will be in the book we wonder. A book that might be more interesting to me because her background is not as well known is Commander in Chief Obama's PhD sister, Maya Soetero-Ng with her Indonesian & American heritage and integration into a Chinese family. 

Jimmy Carter's Latest Book on the Middle East

The day after the federal holiday dedicated to a presidential inauguration, Commander in Chief issue #39, Jimmy Carter, will sign his latest treatise, We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work, on the Middle East at the Carter Center or rather the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum. The book's release date is no mere accident with its symbolism cresting over due to the current bloody events and human carnage currently exploding in the Holy Land of the three major faiths.

The latest Nobel Peace Prize winning presidential author of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid upset many sensitive to criticism as it bored into the issues stopping the creation of a contiguous two state solution with more of a Palestinian point of view. For my money, it is a great book with the maps showing the intractable issues that lead to such horrific warfare. Israel is pounding the living daylights out of Gaza after flinging leaflets from on high to the People of Palestine that terrible is yet to come. Israel has a need for self protection from a small slice of militants confines to Gaza. Middle East expert, James Earl Carter, Jr., defines a way forward against the conventional wisdom bombs that have marked the path for the last decade. Since Carter is not known for tact, his choice of remedies ought to cause even more lively discussions once people read the new book.

Oprah Should Make 2009 Book Resolution

If your Oprah with bookstores gumming up book jackets with the "Oprah Good Reading Seal Of Approval" slapped on to entice the literate public, 2008 was not the best year. Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love That Survived and A Million Little Pieces kind of describe Oprah Winfrey's life, but they are really two Rocky Mountain speed bump books on her literary creds. James Frey wrote a biographical tale that was pseudo and the Rosenblat faux holocaust romance was just psycho. That's just gotta make a busy billionaress cry who already jettisoned books from her TV confab once before. Today, would be a great day for Lady O to make a New Year's resolution on checking the fine print of every single author AND publisher due diligence before putting her name out there. Er, sloppy staff work possibly?

Oprah's had some whoppers when it comes to book issues. Ms. Winfrey put the amazing not in stock very often Kindle on her new favorite things list. Ugh. Then the Frey grilling she gave the author after the lie became public a while ago left him in a million little muscle knots. Then right before taping Oprah to augment the books February release, the bombshell exploded, that oops, we have an octogenarian impostor or rather collaborating impostors. Angel Girl by Laurie Freidman was a published children's story inspired by Herman & Roma Rosenblats' not so true recollections.