Battle of the Lady Memoirs: Bush vs Palin

Publishers are going gaga over an opportunity to bid over two republican ladies' memoirs. Laura Bush is loads more popular than the guy with whom she shares a bedroom and a reporter-nipping toy terrier. For 70 days ad 70 nights, Sarah Palin's Fey fame on the media tilt-o-whirl leads to more chugging of moose chili and chips with Alaska's First Dude. Both have some scorching tales to pen (Where does a ghost writer apply?), if they write from the heart for history. Not happening (fully). One may need to protect a shattered brittle legacy and the other, the family empire of built on politics. The whole phoenix effect and how each overcomes the fishbowl environment could be fascinating as long as its not all leaked first. Then again, Laura Bush only suffered through six state dinners in the whole eight years.

Sally McDonough, Mrs. Bush’s spokeswoman, said yesterday that she “has expres sed interest in writing a book after she leaves” the White House and is pursuing the prospect but would not comment as to whether or not the first lady has actually met with any publishers. The AP, however, reports that, “Laura Bush wants to write a memoir and will be meeting with several publishers, according to three publishing executives with knowledge of the proceedings. They asked not to be identified, saying discussions are in the early stages and highly confidential.”
Will Laura Bush rate an equivalent $8 million advance that her predecessor received for her book, Living History. Laura's got a new house to furnish and her husband has been told to wait awhile to let his activities marinate to a more pleasant smell. Sarah, at 44, will be able to talk about being a grandma before Mrs. Bush. Mrs. Bush can talk about public teen age rebellion times two and being a mother of the bride who's dad was head of state. Truthfully, the promise of the books may be worth more than the actual first editions if they focus their memoirs on pablum and bromides.

Ladies, start your publishing engines....because when Michelle Obama even hints at a book it will garner Rowling like numbers.